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So viel dann zum Thema Redirect-Hölle: Google macht seinen URL- Shortener Goo. gl nun für alle zugänglich. Bislang hatte Google ihn nur in. Googles URL Shortener goo. gl gehört zu den bekanntesten und meistgenutzten Diensten dieser Art, so dass es eigentlich ein Wunder ist dass. I love this: the goo. gl url shortener is now open to everyone! I know the folks that worked on this, so let me answer a few quick questions. goo gl shortener

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October 3, at 3: Google has updated their logo, but as of this writing, they have not updated the goo. Hi Matt For those looking there already seems to be an undocumented API http: This only hides them. Analytics portion of URL shortener is really awesome, it would be great if Google also launches an official Chrome extension for it. That stands for Universal Resource Locator - it just means the website address, like http: But when you start delivering the results on the fly — at times it looks confusing. They click on a link, and they get redirected to their intended destination. December 15, at 6: Really great service, but I miss a very importnat feature: Links are public, so anyone is free to pass that link to .


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